We are a Florida-based boutique venture capital fund that invests in technology companies.

We provide funding in all stages and we will consider investments up to $1 million per company.
Leo.com is headed by Leo Radvinsky, a respected e-commerce pioneer and experienced company-builder.


Our mission is to help entrepreneurs and young companies build something special, and then be there every step of the way until the final vision is realized. We do not pressure for a speedy exit or liquidity event.

In addition to funding, we can provide access to a vast network of people and knowledge to help young technology companies succeed in all areas of e-commerce. Our degree of active involvement varies with the needs of each company.


Our areas of expertise include:

And who's behind all that?



We are more flexible than traditional venture capital firms, and we are open to investing in virtually any technology-based product or service, even in smaller market segments.

After your contact us, we will get back to you by e-mail and then you can e-mail us your pitch or executive summary. We look forward to hearing from you.

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